Spirituality Programs

Monday, November 27, 7:00pm-9:00pm (CDT)

Meditation and Spiritual Partnership With Essential Oils

Botanical aromas in the form of essential oils have a direct and intimate relationship with our spirit. When we breathe during meditation, we connect our mind, body and spirit with every inhalation. When we partner our breath with essential oils, we are infusing the spirit of the plant into our body as well. 

Essential oils work directly on the limbic system which controls moods, sleep and waking cycles, emotional memories and more. Their helpful qualities are given through inhalation and move through the channels in our olfactory system and the brain to influence our consciousness. 

Essential oils help calm us, release suppressed emotional memories, uplift our mind and heart, and enhance cognitive function. They support us in letting go of distractions so that we may connect with Divine silence. 

Join us for this special session on incorporating essential oils into your meditative, contemplative and prayer practices to offer a unique way of supporting, calming, and balancing your spirit.

$25 • Registration requested by Monday, November 20.

Facilitated by Therese Yonikus