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Saturday, October 21, 9:00am-4:00pm (CDT)

Single Women's Retreat: Healthy Relationships

Are you enjoying being a single woman but find yourself wanting healthier relationships with friends, family members or co-workers? Are you struggling with romantic relationships and your desire for a loving, committed individual to share your life with? Sometimes the wounds of our unhealed soul keep us from having healthy relationships. 

In this full day retreat for single women, we will look at four things that keep us from having the relationship we want. Using Scripture as a guide along our journey, we will discover contemplative practices that will help us break free from our past hurts and cultivate tools to have healthier relationships in life. We will look at what Scriptuire teaches us about forgiveness, overcoming rejection, fear and shame. You’ll learn to hear God’s voice to help you find freedom and comfort moving forward. (Lunch is included.)

$75 • Registration requested by Thursday, October 12. (After 10/12, registration is $95)

Facilitated by Jill Monaco

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