Spirituality Programs

Marian Kraus

Born in former communist ruled Czechoslovakia and raised in “West” Germany, from a young age Marian was enthralled with nature and the inherent order of the Universe. This fascination resulted in his growing desire to express beauty and harmony through light and sound.

In 1990 he embarked on finding out “what makes him tick and what does not make him tick” and to increasingly “live life on life’s terms” rather than his own, one day at a time. As a result, after spending a 20 year career in international sales and marketing with a large German based industrial conglomerate, he began a new life segment as a professional architectural and fine art photographer in 1999. Being a long time hand drummer, he expanded his creative repertoire by expressing images also through the powerful vehicle of sound in 2011.

While maneuvering through the integration of three very different countries and cultures, Marian possesses a heightened sensitivity, appreciation and awareness to the process of inner growth and transformation. As a student and practitioner of metaphysics for over thirty five years, he presents gong bath meditation, meditative and transformative sound excursions that are driven by his innate rhythmic hand drum abilities and an inimitable keen sense of visual and intuitive perception.

He served on the advisory board of the Harmonic Therapy Association, is an associate member of the HTA and the Sound Healers Association, and is a licensed PSYCH-K® facilitator. He received his Gong Master certification under the guidance of legendary Don Conreaux, and has also studied with senior instructor, lecturer and teacher Mitch Nur, PhD of 9waysacademia, who has spent well over 40 years as a Sacred Sound Practitioner and Teacher and is one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as they pertain to ritual, shamanic healing, meditation, ceremony, and personal transformation. Marian is currently undertaking a long distance curriculum with the Nada Centre for Music Therapy in New Delhi, India.