Spirituality Programs

Sharon Devo

Sharon is on staff at Tau Center as Program Specialist, Retreat Leader and Program Facilitator. With a nearly 30 year meditation practice, rooted in desert spirituality and eastern traditions, she creates space in her life for solitude and silence daily.

In addition to meditation, Sharon relies on extended time in nature, yin yoga and creative work in her home studio, as the foundation for ongoing spiritual exploration and to balance responsibilities at the primary caregiver for her son with special needs. Training as a Co-Active Coach, SoulCollage® and Open Studio Process facilitator, she completed the Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation Certificate at Christine Center in 2010.

Prior to coming to Tau Center, Sharon’s experience included work as an Operations and Training Leader, Advocacy Coordinator and Hospice Patient Care volunteer. Sharon holds a BA with graduate work in Training & Development and will be completing a certificate in Expressive Arts in the fall of 2017.