Visual Reflections
Art Gallery
Visual Reflections

A Photographic Reflection Exhibit 

Take some gentle time to refresh your soul with this virtual photography exhibit by Sr. Fran Glowinski, OSF. 


Art Gallery - Sr. Fran Glowinski, OSF

Poetic Reflections  

A Virtual Advent Experience  
With Sr. Georgene L. Wilson, OSF.D.MIN.

Reflections to ponder during the Advent Season. In-home Advent Reflection Materials Available for download HERE

Advent Wisdom

Beauty and emptiness

Womb sacred becoming;

Temple love


shine mystery


lights in our darkness,

stars for our journey and

hymns from an

awakening heart:

Advent Forward!

Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D.Min.

All that is Needed is Compassion

To your insight, my friend,

I’ll add my minute seeing:

a mustard seed size of wisdom is enough

to plunge the mind’s insight

into the heart’s seeing

that goodness is always ONE.

Compassion (com-passion) with another

whom/that is NOW before me is all that

is necessary, one breath at a time.

Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D.Min.