Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF leads us in a 3 session exploration of Zendoodle 

LOVE…. St. Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians, “So faith, hope and love remain, these three. But the greatest of these is love.” What is LOVE? That’s a million-dollar question, isn’t it? People from time eternal have been trying to define love; artists, poets, philosophers, songwriters, young and old, women and men. Everyone has an answer to “what is love?” - and they’re all probably correct!

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Sending Love to the World with Zendoodle Prayer Spring 2020 Click here to download PDF...

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A Creative Spirituality Reflection Spring 2020 Click here to download PDF...

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Celebrating Creation Spring 2020 Click here to download PDF...

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Zendoodle for Body, Mind, and Spirit Spring 2020 Click here to download PDF...

Thomas Roberts talks about contemplative photography for the soul

Photography can be used to access your inner wisdom and help us awaken to the wonders around us every day.

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Franciscan Way of Life Online Offering - Starts January 14th, 2021

Please join us for our first Online Offering Exploring the Franciscan Way of Life. This is an 18-month online program facilitated by Jeanne Connolly. It is open to people of all, or no, faith tradition who want to learn more about Franciscan spirituality and how to integrate the Good News of God’s love into daily life.

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Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage®, describes the process of making SoulCollage® cards and invites you to try it for yourself.

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Women's Spirituality Resources

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Sipping Wisdom

“Wisdom is easily discerned by those who love her. She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.” (Wisdom 6: 12-13)

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