We invite you to Open Your Heart and Look with Hope as you embark on your personal journey this year. Know that in the stillness of the heart, wisdom emerges and peace is found. Blessings. 

Visio Divinia Our Journey
Ever Faithful, Always Hopeful - A Lenten Journey

During the Season of Lent, contemplate your heart and look at our world with hope.


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Vision Prayer  

Join us as we take you on a personal reflection with the Wheaton Franciscan Vision Prayer.


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Fourth Sunday Reflection Handout

Wheaton Franciscan Prayer

Take a Moment Today for Stillness and to Find Internal Peace 

Today, I surround myself
with a bubble of peaceful energy. 
I breathe in the peace,
I breathe in the energy.
I am soothed during the day's
most stressful moments. 
I am safe and secure
and loved within this bubble of 
God's light and love and protection. 
- Author Unknown

Please enjoy this contemplative meditation which includes a poem and music video featuring photography by Sr. Fran Glowinski.

Wheaton Franciscans

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Novena to St Francis

Novena is a song of penitence and praise, guiding us to care for the earth and for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. Here are a series of nine reflections asking St Francis of Assisi to pray for us and our world, based on his beautiful Canticle of the Sun. Use these video prayers over nine days or at nine moments of personal prayer. Download the PDF color booklet here.

Prayer Videos Here

Virtual Contemplation Walk

Walk on our campus along the Peace Path - a winding path through a beautiful prairie of several acres planted with native Illinois grasses and small woodlands. This is a beautiful space for a walking meditation, allowing for both spiritual reflection and physical exercise. 

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Sacred Drumming 

Billie Topa Tate talks about the sacred drumming journey and lead this gentle meditation. 

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Centering Prayer 

Fr. Thomas Keating leads an introduction method of Centering Prayer with guidelines in this brief "How To" introduction to Centering Prayer. 

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Fall Peace Path Walk

Enjoy a contemplative fall walk along the Peace Path on the grounds of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters.  


Blessing of St. Clare 

Celebrating the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi.  


Celebrate Creation

Come join us as we celebrate Earth Day 2020 along the Peace Path.


Summer Peace Path Walk

Enjoy a contemplative summer walk along the Peace Path on the grounds of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. 


Spring Peace Path Walk

Enjoy a contemplative spring walk along the Peace Path on the grounds of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters.