One-on-One Retreat Intensives

If you are seeking a day for yourself that offers a safe space to explore your spirituality through guided activities, then our one-on-one retreat intensives are for you.

Rooted in ‘deep listening’, a retreat intensive is a gently structured day that weaves together silence and conversation, instruction and direct experience. Customized to your individual needs, each retreat includes spiritual companioning, light meditation and prayer, readings, inner-reflection, and contemplative activities, using a specific interest or practice as the day’s framework:

Meditation Retreat

Throughout the day, you will befriend stillness using various meditative practices drawn from Christian and Eastern influences to help deepen your connection with your inner-spirit.

Creative Spirituality Retreat

Creative expression is a growing spiritual practice. Enjoy process art making as a way to discover deeper meaning in your spiritual life. You may focus on a specific form of expression, such as poetry, free writing, journaling, drawing, painting, or shrine box creation.

Franciscan Prayer & Spirituality Retreat

Explore our deep connection to Mother Earth and all living things using St. Francis’ “Canticle of Creation” and other Franciscan resources as a guide throughout your day.

A Day of Christian Prayer

Deepen your spiritual practice through the Common Christian prayer, “Liturgy of the Hours”, using the Psalms and Seasons of the liturgical calendar as your guide.

Retreat Intensives are customized for your individual needs. Reserve your date here and our Retreat Specialist will be in touch with you within 2-3 business days. Or to learn more, contact us at 630-909-6805.


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