Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Directors

Our Spiritual Directors are available to accompany you in a process of reflection and response rooted in the sharing of your own sacred stories and spiritual issues.

Through friendly and compassionate listening and gentle inquiry, spiritual direction helps awaken you to the Divine in all of life and helps you to notice God’s presence in the moments of daily life. If you are interested in spiritual direction, please contact any of the following Tau Center trained and Certified Spiritual Directors below.

Bob BurnhamBob Burnham, OFS

In addition to being a certified spiritual director, Bob practices Ignatian spirituality and integrates the practice and philosophy of tai chi into his particular way of finding God in all things.


Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF

Sr. Glenna Czachor, OSF is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister with more than 25 years experience in group facilitation and retreat leadership, specializing in contemplative prayer and worship, scripture study, and creative spirituality.


Sharon Devo

Sharon's intention is to be fully present with you in the space and silence, to allow your inner wisdom and the still small voice of the divine to emerge and be heard.


no pictureDoris Dyer

Doris is a retired Marriage & Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor. Her focus is to listen for the voice of the Spirit as she meets with those she counters in her walk with God.


Sr. Pat Irr, OSF Sr. Pat Irr, OSF

Sr. Pat Irr, OSF, is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister and core facilitator at Tau Center. Sr. Pat has a Master’s Degree in Sacred Science from St. Bonaventure University along with 20 years of experience in ministry at the Institute for Pastoral Leadership.


Kimberly Penrod Pelletier

Kimberly believes our power to love the marginalized comes through learning to love the margins of our own soul. She speaks, writes, and is a spiritual director to this end: helping other connect to and experience the Love of God for themselves.


Sr. Diane Przyborowski, OSFSr. Diane Przyborowski, OSF

Diane Przyborowski, OSF, is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister with a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling. Sr. Diane has more than 30 years of experience in spiritual companioning and presentations in the areas of holistic spirituality and Franciscan spirituality.


no pictureAmber Shaner

Amber combines her art education background with energy work to support precious souls in the animal world. Her love for all living creatures inspires her daily. She helps people build stronger bonds with their pet family through energy healing.


We need someone who encourages us when we are tempted to give it all up, to forget it all, to just walk away in despair… We need someone who can suggest to us when to read and when to be silent, which words to reflect upon and what to do when silence creates much fear and little peace.
– Henri Nouwen

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Directed Retreats

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At Tau Center, we offer Directed Retreats where you have time not only for solitary activities and contemplation, but also are given time to meet with a Spiritual Director

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