Spiritual Direction

Linda Heying

Offering Spiritual Companioning

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Phone:  (563) 543-8920

It is my privilege to walk with another on their journey. I am a spiritual director trained in the contemplative model at Shalem Institute in Maryland. I am a Christian who follows the wisdom lineage of many traditions. The areas of family systems and psychology, the wisdom traditions and the mystics, contemplative spiritual direction, Buddhism and transpersonal psychology, evolution in consciousness, and contemplative dialogue, mindfulness all influence how I approach ministry.

Teachers and their writings that I have found personally and professionally helpful include: Gregory Bateson, Murray Bowen, Viktor Frankl, Carl Whitaker, Virginia Satir, James Alison, Ken Wilber, Bill Plotkin, Cynthia Bourgeault, Thomas Keating, Pierre Theilhard de Chardin and Ilia Delio as well as many others.

My role is to listen for God on behalf of the other. Steeped in the contemplative tradition we will listen deeply together.