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Karen Hurley Kuchar

Karen Hurley Kuchar is a leadership coach and consultant to nonprofits. As a life-long writer and reader, she is fascinated by both the power and beauty of words. She started Wisdom Writing Circles using the Amherst writing method that inspired her writing through using prompts and positive feedback.

A time of transition in her life was the source of many poems, which are published in a collection entitled, Consider the Lobster.

She holds a Master of Counseling Psychology from George Williams College.  Her professional career included both counseling and administrative roles in nonprofit social service organizations.  During her time as executive director of Family Shelter Service, she worked with a volunteer group to encourage clients to write about their experiences.  Two published anthologies contain survivor stories of heartbreak as well as the resilience of the human spirit, Wings for the Soul and Storms Inside the House.

She lives with her husband in Downers Grove.  In addition to her work and writing, she enjoys her grandchildren and spends time in nature, which provides inspiration for many of her poems. She is currently a member of the Writers Workshop at COD and benefits from the support offered by the instructor and the community of writers.

Karen is President of the board of Anawim Arts, an organization that seeks to integrate the arts and spirituality. Anawim is a collaborative ministry sponsored by The Institute of the Blessed Virgin and grew out of the work of the Loretto Sisters in Wheaton. Anawim currently partners with Tau Center to offer programs and events at our location.

To learn more about Anawim, go to www.anawimarts.com.