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Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different faiths to facilitate prayer, meditation, and spiritual transformation. When you walk the labyrinth, the winding path becomes a metaphor for your spiritual journey. We invite you to walk our labyrinths with an open mind and open heart.

When entering the single, serpentine path of a labyrinth, one walks slowly while quieting their mind and focusing on a spiritual question or prayer. It is a sacred space to become enlightened, realigned with the universe, and increasingly empowered to know one’s self and to accomplish the work of the soul. 

A large outdoor labyrinth is located behind Tau Center as part of Marianjoy Hospital and is based on the design of the well-known labyrinth at Chartes Cathedral in France. All Tau Center visitors are welcome to enjoy this amenity.


On the way out from the center, the walker should feel a sense of communion with the cosmos, God, or some sort of higher, healing power. A dance I do with my soul. — Anonymous

Personal Retreat

Take a nourishing timeout!

At Tau Center, there are comfortable rooms and beautiful grounds to spend a quiet day in reflection or prayer. Whether it is an hour or a whole day, we welcome you to take the time to nourish your spirit. Any of our offerings can be personalized to your needs and in-person retreat day. 

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Group Retreats

Tau Center welcomes local nonprofits, women’s and men’s groups, businesses and other organizations to a Private Retreat where they can experience a day of reflection, team sharing or other customized program options.

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