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In these spaces you are invited to enter into the depth of your heart and soul. Tau Center offers a meditation room for individual or small group use, where you will encounter the Divine and find peace, inspiration and wholeness.

If you are new to spiritual meditation, we offer many resources to help you begin or you may attend one of our programs such as Drumming Circle, Centering Prayer, and Wisdom Writing.


You need to reprieve from the inner struggle, conflict, and confusion that keeps your impulses, both good and bad, at war. This is where meditation helps – it shows your brain a place of rest.
– Deepak Chopra

Personal Retreat

Take a nourishing timeout!

At Tau Center, there are comfortable rooms and beautiful grounds to spend a quiet day in reflection or prayer. Whether it is an hour or a whole day, we welcome you to take the time to nourish your spirit. Any of our offerings can be personalized to your needs and in-person retreat day. 

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Group Retreats

Tau Center welcomes local nonprofits, women’s and men’s groups, businesses and other organizations to a Private Retreat where they can experience a day of reflection, team sharing or other customized program options.

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