Personal Retreat
One-on-One Retreat Intensives

A Custom Retreat is a gently structured day that weaves together silence and conversation, instruction and direct experience. Customized to your individual needs, each retreat includes spiritual companioning, light meditation or prayer, readings, inner-reflection, and select contemplative activities, using a specific interest or practice as the day’s framework.

We encourage retreatants to begin with a Guided Retreat before moving on to our custom retreat experience on a return visit. 

Contemplative Retreat - Throughout the day, you will befriend stillness using various meditative practices drawn from Christian and Eastern influences to help deepen your connection with your inner-spirit.

Creative Spirituality Retreat - Creative expression provides the basis for our practice. Explore art-making or writing as a way to discover new meaning in your spiritual life.

Eco-Spirituality Retreat – In the stillness of nature we are able to connect with our inner wisdom and the still small voice within. 

One-on-One Program Offerings may be arranged as the foundation of your retreat. This will include instruction with a staff facilitator, in addition to time for contemplation.

To schedule a Custom Retreat please fill out this form and mention 'custom retreat'. 

Each Custom Day Retreat is a unique experience designed to meet your individual needs. A minimum four week notice is needed to allow for adequate planning and preparation.  

Custom Retreat Video and Resources Coming Soon