Personal Retreat
Spiritual Direction

Many people long to find meaning in their lives, to discover their true selves, or to grow closer to God and others. But sometimes, it’s hard to know just where to start. 

We often experience moments where life calls us to pause and wonder. Transitions in family circumstances, career, moving to a new location, marriage, birth or death may call us to examine our faith and spiritual grounding. Sometimes we find ourselves at a point where we need something, but we’re not sure exactly what we’re yearning for.

Expanding on the Day Retreat experience, a Guided Retreat at Tau Center offers the additional component of conversation with a staff Spiritual Companion to begin your day. Rooted in deep listening, spiritual companioning offers an opportunity, regardless of your faith tradition, to explore your current life circumstance through the lens of your spiritual journey. Once settled into your quiet room, Sharon will join you for an hour of quiet conversation where you can share any issues that are present at this time. Together we discern how best to be compassionately present with whatever is surfacing in your life.

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