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Creative Spirituality

Tau Center continues to add virtual online content, such as Expressive Arts, for you to continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. Check out our additional resources below to help you facilitate further exploration.  

Programs in Creative Spirituality at Tau Center

SoulCollage® facilitated by Sharon Devomeets monthly. SoulCollage is a powerful creative process that gently enables you to hear the deep wisdom of your own inner-knowing through the practice of collage art. To learn more about SoulCollage and a complete list of our offerings, click here

Open Studio facilitated by Sharon Devo, meets monthly, invites women of all backgrounds and experiences to gather in a small group setting to explore Creative Spirituality through guided meditation, sharing and time for creative exploration. To learn more about Open Studio and a complete list of our offerings, click here

Contemplative Writingfacilitated by Sr Glenna Czachor, offered seasonally, is a mindfulness practice of meditation through the written word. Engaging in a practice of focused journaling using writing prompts, Contemplative Writing can lead to self-discovery and connection with your inner spirit. To learn more about Contemplative Writing and a complete list of our offerings, click here



Featured Presenter Sharon Devo

Sharon Devo is a certified SoulCollage and Open Studio Process Facilitator, Spiritual Director and Retreat Guide. She completed training in Expressive Arts Facilitation at Abbey of the Arts in 2017. Sharon's intention is to be fully present with you in the space and silence, to allow your inner wisdom and the still small voice of the divine to emerge and be heard. LEARN MORE



Featured Presenter, Sr Glenna Czachor, OSF

Sr Glenna Czachor, OSF is a Wheaton Franciscan Sister with more than 25 years experience in group facilitation and retreat leadership, specializing in contemplative prayer and worship, scripture study, and creative spirituality. LEARN MORE


Visual Art

Come join us for visual art and contemplative practices.


Written Word Practices

From the comfort of your own home, come explore creative spirituality through reflections and the written word.


Nature Based Practices

Enjoy the journey in nature with found objects in photography, stone art, and other contemplative practices.


Still Point Journal -

Creative Spirituality

To be creative, we must be open, receptive, yielding. To be spiritual, we must be open, receptive, yielding.The artist asks and waits expectantly for the answer. The spiritual seeker asks and waits expectantly for the answer.The artist trusts and steps forward in faith into the unknown. The spiritual seeker trusts and steps forward in faith into the unknown.

Still Point - Creative Spirituality Issue here

Journal in PDF format

Christine Center

ONLINE OFFERINGS facilitated by Sr Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, a Wheaton Franciscan based at Christine Center in Willard Wisconsin. 

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Sr Gabriele Uhlein

Sr Gabriele Uhlein at Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin offers overnight in-person creative retreats. 

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Anawim Arts

Tau Center is proud to partner with Anawim Arts to offer programs developed for the intersection of art and spirituality, a way to encourage people to discover and express their inner-spirit through art. Click on the link below to find out more about Anawim Arts.

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