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  Heart of Stillness 6-week Online Reflection Series

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Tau Center will be sending weekly reflections for the next 6 weeks. Our new winter Still Point encourages you to create a space for stillness and reflection this winter season.

To provide guidance as you take time to reflect each week; there will be two reflection questions, a reflection video, and a feature from our Still Point Journal. The entire series is now available here.

With WEEK 1-we begin with these reflection questions:
What experience brings contentment? 
What experience is challenging?

Let us truly take time this winter season to prepare our hearts and our spirits in a more mindful and conscious manner. Blessings!

Full PDF Here

Reflection video here

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Contemplative Virtual Retreats

Create a Space for Stillness and Reflection This Winter Season

‘Every winter has its spring.’

During this winter season, your spirit is beginning to rest and reflect on triumphs this year. Take time to acknowledge your growth and expansion as a natural evolution of your being. Let us continue moving forward with new ideas and new dreams during the changing season.

With this intention we invite you to create a dedicated space in your home or outside for quiet prayer, contemplation, and reflection on the new energy of the season. This area can be as simple as a comfortable chair with a small table, perhaps near a window to gaze on nature.

One way to savor the season is to engage in all your senses. Engaging our senses is another way of being mindful, being fully present in the moment, by paying attention to your body at this place – in this space – at this time.

Individual & Directed Retreats

Many people long to find meaning in their lives, to discover their true selves, and to grow closer to God and others. But sometimes, it’s hard to know just where to start. A directed retreat can help you start the process as you attempt to deepen your relationship with the divine and grow in your own personal spirituality.


Small Group Retreats & Programs

Tau Center is not open to small group programs at this time. We anticipate offering in 2022. 



Welcome to Tau Center

We offer a sacred space to assist individuals on their own spiritual journey – whether it is to reconnect with their inner-spirit or whether they are seeking a deeper relationship with God and the world around them. Our programs encourage an awakening of the spirit that leads to hope, healing, peace and transformation. 

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Winter Issue Still Point

Enjoy the winter edition of Still Point which is our quarterly e-publication that introduces a range of spiritual topics. In this issue we offer a 6 week reflection series featuring loving-kindness and walking meditations and encourage you to take time to reflect and journal with written word practices and reflections. Also remember to pause and breathe and become more aware of your body during the gentle winter season. 

Click here for winter issue of Still Point Magazine

Magazine in PDF format

Reflection video here

Still Point Journal Issues

Enjoy the first edition of Still Point which is our new quarterly e-publication that introduces a range of spiritual topics. This inaugural issue is centered on Laudato Si' and the related concepts of Ecological Spirituality and Integral Ecology. 

Click here for first issue of Still Point Magazine

Magazine in PDF format

Reflection video here

Also enjoy our Advent Special Issue 2021 

Still Point E-Journal Advent Season

Full PDF version

Advent Reflection video

Seasonal Programs

Liturgy Schedule at Our Lady of the Angels Chapel

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