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Day Retreat Rooms

Tau Center provides comfortable quiet rooms for use on personal retreat or for spiritual direction practitioners.

Day Retreatants are assigned a private room in Tau Center to provide a place of stillness and space for relaxation and restoration. Each room offers its own unique style and décor, as well as, proximity to our shared retreat spaces

Individual retreat rooms may also be requested for Retreat Groups in need of private space in addition to their primary group retreat room


Spiritual Direction Rooms (click on images below to enlarge): 

Simplicity room

Simplicity Room

Peace Room

Peace Room

Serenity room

Serenity Room

Journey room

Journey Room

Joy Room

Joy Room

Gratitude Room

Gratitude Room

Space has always been the spiritual dimension of architecture. It is not the physical statement of the structure so much as what it contains that moves us.

– Arthur Erickson




Guided Retreats

Looking for a spiritual companion on retreat?

At Tau Center, we offer Directed Retreats where you have time not only for solitary activities and contemplation, but also are given time to meet with a Spiritual Director

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Shared Retreat Space

In addition to a private quiet room, all retreatants have access to shared spaces for meditation, reflective reading and art-making

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Voice of the Divine

"If this inner and critical voice has kept you safe for many years as your inner voice of authority, you may end up not being able to hear the real voice of God.”
– Richard Rohr