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“Don’t judge centering prayer on the basis of how many thoughts come or how much peace you enjoy. The only way to judge this prayer is by its long-range fruits: whether in daily life you enjoy greater peace, humility and charity. Having come to deep interior silence, you begin to relate to others beyond the superficial aspects of social status, race, nationality, religion, and personal characteristics. (OM, 114).”
– Thomas Keating

Tau Center continues to add virtual online content and videos for you to continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. To facilitate further exploration, check out our resources to further your contemplative practice. 

Prayer and Meditation

Come join us for Centering Prayer and other meditations and contemplative practices.


Visio Divina

Come join us for a Visio Divinia virtual journey. 



Explore the deeply relaxing and healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.



Story of Place

Come reflect on nature and explore more on your personal journey.


Lenten Reflections

O God Who Wastes Nothing, please help me to use the ashes in my life as fertilizer for something beautiful to come. Amen.


Easter Reflections

Tau Center is offering online Easter Season Booklets. Holy Week Tenebrae and Poetry of Lent.   


Still Point Journal -


Contemplation is the practice of being fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to what is in a way that allows you to creatively respond and work toward what could be.

Still Point - Contemplation Issue here

Journal in PDF format

Reflection video here

Season of Creation -

Listen to Creation & the Voice Within

Contemplation is a way of listening with the heart while not relying entirely on the head. Contemplation is a prayerful letting go of our sense of control and choosing to cooperate with God and God’s work in the world. It  is the practice of being  fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to what is in a way that allows you to  creatively respond and work toward what could be.

Learn more about Season of Creation

Contemplation Journal

Reflection video here

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative practices such as art, free writing, meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, photography, and yoga will engage you in quieting the mind to increase self-awareness and allows you to connect with the mind, body, and spirit.

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Gratitude Reflection

Be gentle...be generous...be grateful...
With gratitude I remember the people, animals, plants, insects, creatures of the sky and  
       sea, air and water, fire and earth, all whose joyful exertion...

Download Reflection Here

Gratitude Reflection Video

Franciscan Life 

Learn more about Franciscan spirituality and how to integrate the Good News of God’s love into daily life.


Your Spiritual Journey

Begins with you. Take a day for mindfulness and inner contemplation.

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Contemplative Reading

Continue your spiritual journey and deepen your practice. Explore the additional tools and resources online that you may need along the way.

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