Story of Place
Story of Place


Celebrate World Labyrinth Day

Join us with this contemplative video Walking the Labyrinth Path - Rediscover Yourself One Step at a Time for World Labyrinth Day.

With each contemplative moment,
may you rediscover yourself -
one step at a time.

Walking the Labyrinth Path Video - Rediscover Yourself One Step at a Time


Take a Moment Today for Stillness and to Find Internal Peace

Today, I surround myself
with a bubble of peaceful energy.
I breathe in the peace,
I breathe in the energy.
I am soothed during the day's
most stressful moments.
I am safe and secure
and loved within this bubble of
God's light and love and protection.
- Author Unknown

Please enjoy this contemplative meditation which includes a poem and music video featuring photography by Sr. Fran Glowinski.

Wheaton Franciscans 

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Voice of the Divine

"If this inner and critical voice has kept you safe for many years as your inner voice of authority, you may end up not being able to hear the real voice of God.”
– Richard Rohr

Inner-Exploration and Self-Reflection

Tau Center’s offer Inner-Exploration and Self-Reflection programs throughout the year to introduce various aspects of spirituality and new practices for participants. No matter where you are along your own spiritual journey, you can find comfort and community in each program.

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Your Spiritual Journey

Begins with you. Take a day for mindfulness and inner contemplation.

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