Spiritual Companions
Sr Dawn Capilupo, OSF


Sr Dawn Capilupo, OSF

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Phone: 414.213.5074

Sr Dawn Capilupo, a Wheaton Franciscan Sister, has a fulltime spiritual direction practice. She is an experienced retreat guide and engaging presenter. Sr Dawn understands spiritual direction as watching the movement of God. At times, it is being about the work of unlocking the heart. Her capacity as a spiritual director allows her to create a reverent space for “fine tuning”: to see how grace is alive in the self and in the everyday events of life. Dawn protects the sacred movement wherein the heart is revealed, the intellect is honored and the spirit is invoked.

Sr Dawn is grounded in Franciscan Studies and Spirituality. In her work, she explores the issues and characteristics that earmark growth and service in the struggle to be faithful to one’s spiritual vocation. She uses the Franciscan spiritual tradition, Scripture and literature, myth and folktales, as well as the lens of Jungian psychology as her resources.

Sr Dawn’s professional background includes teaching in the Chicago Archdiocese and at Northern Illinois University. She has 15 years of experience in health care corporate leadership and ministry development.; has presented Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Formation Programs for church leaders of various Protestant denominations. Additionally, Dawn has been a presenter for a variety of Staff Renewal Days and Retreats to congregations of men and women religious. Sr Dawn has a Masters Degree in Franciscan Studies and Spirituality from St. Bonaventure University and holds a certificate of Completion for Spiritual Direction and Leadership from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.