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The Wheaton Franciscans celebrated 75 years in Wheaton and 150 years in the USA

“The future is our reality; it is our common good.” - Sr. Ilia Delio 

Tau Center joined the celebration with a table and enjoyed listening to joyful music, honoring all that has been, feeding ones body and soul, and most importantly, being soothed by nature and beautiful artwork.

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The Wheaton Franciscans and Tau Center celebrated the Day of Presence Open House.

Pictured above: Christine Cianciosi (Retreat Coordinator) and Sharon Devo (Director), Tau Center

Jeanne Connolly (Director of Charism and Mission)

Pictured left: Sr Georgene Wilson & Karen Bychowski (Presenter)


Anawim Arts

Our program partner featured local artists during the Open House Celebration.

Pictured here: Karen Kuchar and Arlene Ashack

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Communications Coordinator, Christine Cianciosi, is the point of contact for retreatants and visitors to the Tau Center.