Ecological Spirituality
Ecological Spirituality

Enjoy this Earth Day video - Love and Restore Our Earth

Be still and hear me... Live gently upon me.

Take time this month to celebrate and reflect upon our Earth.

Earth Day video here with Printable PDF

Love and Restore Our Earth - Video


Enjoy this Summer Solstice video - Summer Solstice - A Reflection on the Season of Light

Summer Solstice is the time to reflect on the Season of light...

The Summer Solstice is a powerful planetary moment when the tilt of the Earth brings us closest to the sun. This is an extremely powerful moment in our year and we invite you to take time to be still and reflect on your own personal growth and meaning of the season of light.

Summer Solstice video here with Printable PDF

Summer Solstice - Video

Celebrate Creation

Join Sr. Glenna Czachor as she walks along the Peace Path in celebration of the new creations of spring. 

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Beginners Eye

Thomas Roberts talks about contemplative photography for the soul, a unique retreat at Tau Center in Wheaton, IL, that helps us awaken to the wonders around us every day.

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Celebrate Creation

Come join us as we celebrate Earth Day 2020 along the Peace Path.



A short recording of the women's beautiful and prayerful voices from the retreat with Susan Lincoln at Tau Center in Wheaton, Illinois, on April 14, 2018.

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Your Spiritual Journey

Begins with you. Take a day for mindfulness and inner contemplation.

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Spiritual Inspiration

"We need someone who encourages us when we are tempted to give it all up, to forget it all, to just walk away in despair… We need someone who can suggest to us when to read and when to be silent, which words to reflect upon and what to do when silence creates much fear and little peace." – Henri Nouwen